Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up my ProTaiga account? +

You can ask your Account Manager / POC assigned for ProTaiga & have him / her write to us with your details on our support handle

Can multiple people in my organization use my account to order from ProTaiga? +

It is advisable to not share your login credentials with anyone else in the organization. However, you can always get more users added to a specific site for them to start using the ProTaiga platform. You can create additional buyers by calling the ProTaiga team or by writing an email to us at, providing the specifications so that they can create the IDs accordingly.

What will happen after I have registered on ProTaiga? +

Once your registration formality is complete, we will send you a welcome mail along with your Login Id and Password. You are now ready for a fulfilling shopping experience on ProTaiga. Just login using your unique login ID and password into our dynamic shopping catalogue to get access to a wide range of products. Happy Shopping!

How to Shop on ProTaiga? +

Step 1 – Search for Items

• Browse for the products you need and click on them to see all the relevant product details.
• To look for a specific product, enter a few words into the search box and that will bring up all the matching results.
• To retrieve very specific results, try restricting your search to a product category in the drop-down menu.

Step 2 – Add Items to Cart

Click on Add to Cart tab on the right side of the page to add the item to the shopping cart.

Step 3 - Place your Order

Simply click on Confirm Order button to complete your order

About the Cart +

The Cart is accessible from the top right corner of our website page as long as you are signed in. Placing an available item in your Cart does not reserve that item or guarantee that you will get the item at the same price. Our prices and inventory may change frequently. The items requested are only assigned to your order after the entire approval workflow has been met.

Modify an Item in your Cart +

To change the quantity of the items in your Cart, change the number in the Quantity box, which will automatically update the order quantity.

Delete an Item from your Cart +

• To remove an item from your Cart, open your Cart, then select the item you wish to remove and click Remove the Product (-)
• To wait until another day to buy some of the items in your Cart, you can simply exit the Cart and the products you selected will automatically be saved to your Shopping Cart ready to buy later.
Click the Buy Now button next to the items when you are ready to purchase them.

How can I track my order? +

You can track your order on ProTaiga through the unique Order Number that gets generated when you place the order.

How will the order be delivered? +

Your order would be delivered/arranged at your doorstep by the ProTaiga Delivery Partners as per the timelines shared in the confirmation mail. Continuous updates will be sent to your emails and on your registered mobile number.

How will we know if the order has been placed successfully? +

Once your Order is successfully placed, you will receive a confirmation over email from ProTaiga with all the details related to your order. If you’ve placed the order through your login ID, you can also view the details by navigating to Manage Order>Active tab

What is the standard delivery time? +

The standard delivery time is seven (7) working days. However, for some products, delivery time may vary depending upon the availability and the size of the orders.

Will I be informed once my order is processed? +

Once your order is confirmed and processed, you will receive a shipment notification via email advising you about the estimated date of delivery. You can also track the order on your Track Order page on ProTaiga.

Can I add an item after I have placed my order? +

Unfortunately, that is not possible. However, if you need an additional item, you can simply place another order.

What should I do if I find my package opened or tampered with upon delivery? +

ProTaiga believes in providing you with a flawless shopping experience. However, if you do receive a package that has been opened or tampered with, please do not accept it. You should immediately report the concern to our customer care manager or our online customer support center,, and we will take the necessary action to ensure your issues get resolved the soonest.

What if I receive a partial order? +

We would request you to check if your order contains items with different delivery times. Items with different delivery times are usually shipped to you separately. If that is the case, there’s no need to worry, your order will be on its way to you soon.

The expected date and time of delivery will be communicated to you before the dispatch of your order. If we are unable to fulfill your complete order due to unforeseen circumstances, our Operations Manager will inform you well in time.

However, if you have still not received your package after the estimated delivery time, please get in touch with our customer care manager or our online customer service center,, and we will take the necessary action to ensure your issues get addressed the soonest.

How do you deal with Undelivered Packages? +

Our partners will attempt to deliver within the time slot selected upon checkout. However, if there is no one to receive the order or if the delivery fails due to any other external factors, an email will be sent to you after the unsuccessful delivery attempt.

Our partners will attempt to deliver an order twice. If the order isn't successfully delivered within the two delivery attempts, it will be returned to our fulfilment center.

If you still want the items in your order, you can place another order by visiting our website.

What cities does ProTaiga serve? +

We are serving 100 cities across India, and the main centers are listed below:

  1. Delhi
  2. Chandigarh
  3. Jaipur
  4. Kolkata
  5. Mumbai
  6. Pune
  7. Hyderabad
  8. Bengaluru
  9. Chennai
  10. and more...

How can I pay for my purchases on ProTaiga? +

There are various payment methods available on ProTaiga. As per the SLA, we will invoice you on a predetermined payment cycle.

Cancellations, Returns, and Refunds +

Order Cancellations:

ProTaiga Catalog Buying Solution offered on our enterprise platform allows users to Cancel an order after successful order confirmation. User /Approver placing an order can cancel the order in the Manage Orders page, BEFORE it gets approved by the authorized approver. Once approved, only the approver can Accept or Reject an order. In case, of rejection approver is mandated to provide the reason for rejection.

Order Replacement:

ProTaiga Catalog Buying Solution offered on our enterprise platform does not provision any order returns as the order goes through a defined approval process (authorised users have the rights to rejection), before it reaches the seller.

However, we allow the replacement of products within three 3 days of delivery, if:

  1. The delivered product(s) is used, worn-out, or altered;
  2. There is physical damage to the box or to the product(s);
  3. Sealed package of branded products is open;
  4. The packet was empty/some item or accessory was missing;
  5. The product(s) was defective;
  6. The product(s) is significantly different from the description given by the merchant (wrong size, color, quality or material related issues); and/or

However, for the above mentioned to be possible, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Product must be in its original condition.
  2. Only unused, unaltered, unsoiled products will be accepted.
  3. Brand packaging should be intact.
  4. Replacements will be made if the product is available on the website.

Order Refunds:

ProTaiga Catalog Buying Solution offered on our enterprise platform does not provision any refunds, but allows replacement of products under the conditions stated above.

Manage your Inventory - Know When and What to Reorder +

ProTaiga has a built-in Inventory management system. All the items purchased through your corporate ID are automatically updated in your stock list. As and when you buy new items, their numbers get updated.

When you issue the products from your stocks for end use, you should delete the appropriate quantity via the Modify>Edit tab which will enable the tracking of your items in stock. You can also set some stock limits, which ProTaiga will prompt you to place orders for replenishment.

In addition, we frequently suggest some other relevant products that may help you optimize your inventory and control costs.

Setup and Manage Budgets +

ProTaiga has a built-in budget management system which lets you preset limits to User Spend and limit spending by category. You can enter the respective budgets under various heads, and our built-in management system will issue a prompt every time a user goes over his/her budget.

We also provide notifications when you are close to the end of your budget, to help control spending and meet your targets. The system also suggests optional items by analyzing your expenses and help you lower your costs.

Get the Business Intelligence You Need +

You can review your overall expenses under various categories and over specific time periods using our Business Intelligence features through analytical graphs and other key metrics. Spend Analytics dashboards will enhance visibility & with a click of a button, you can see category wise spend & expenditure against budgets set, etc.

You can also compare the spend graphs over similar time periods from previous years to enable comparisons and optimize your spending patterns.

Requesting New Item +

In case, you would like to add a new item to your catalog or request for modification of an existing item, ProTaiga offers ‘Request New Item’ feature. Once you raise a request, you can add comments & attach a reference image. ProTaiga Procurement team will look into your request & arrange for the item. As soon as the item is added in the catalog, the user who raised the request will receive an email notification for the same. ProTaiga team’s response will be captured in a grid, visible to the user as well.

For any additional queries or assistance please write to us on or contact Support, on 0120-7177890.