The procurement ecosystem

At ProTaiga, we celebrate diversity and inter-dependency of companies to foster mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships that transform procurement practices through digitized innovation to cut costs and simplify processes. Our cutting-edge technological platform strives to create a flourishing ecosystem that takes pride in its nurturing and supportive resources to cut costs, simplify processes and make procurement more efficient.

We support Procurement Transformation in organizations. We offer ‘Consulting & Advisory’ to streamline your procurement processes & identify gaps. We provide a robust ‘Digital Platform’ to efficiently manage & structure your maverick & scattered purchases. We bring in a ‘Diversified Supplier Network’ to meet all your purchase requirements.

What’s in a name?

Our brand name is coined by bringing together ‘PRO’ & ‘TAIGA’

Pro of ProTaiga

‘Pro’ comes from Procurement. We envision ourselves to become the ‘The Biggest Procurement Ecosystem’ & we will make it happen! When you become a client, you add to our Vision. We aim to meet all your purchase requirements & make you the ‘Pro’ at Procurement!

Taiga of ProTaiga

‘Taiga’ is the world’s largest land biome, making up 29% of the world's forest cover. It is an intricate network of ecosystems that thrive on the basis of interaction among resources, those who provide these resources, and the ones who require them.

To be a premier procurement and supply chain innovative solutions company

Customers and partners will see us as integral to their success. We will anticipate their needs and deliver on our every commitment.
People will be proud to work at ProTaiga. We will create opportunities to achieve the extraordinary and we will reward success.
Clients will regard us as responsible and responsive. We will integrate local and global perspectives and best pratices and promote sound management of resources.

To be Globally successful by active management and guided by firmly held values

Ethics Uncompromising integrity, honesty and fairness are at the heart of our company
Safety Zero accidents is our unwavering goal. People’s lives depends on it
Fair Return We earn a return that fairly rewards the value we deliver
Mutual Respect We encourage openness, trust and teamwork. We value an inclusive culture based on diverse backgrounds, views and experiences
Excellence We set high standards. We apply advanced technology and we continually innovate and improve. We thrive on challenge & accomplishment
Sustainability We plan and act for the future for the long term good of our company, our customers & our world

Procurement Consulting & Advisory.

Transforming your supply management operations and developing a successful procurement strategy is much like reading a map. To know how to get to your desired location or end-state, you have to first understand where you currently stand. Our tailored approach to procurement transformation begins with a detailed evaluation of your existing supply management operations. Our procurement transformation advisors take a holistic look at your people, processes, technology, and metrics; closely reviewing stakeholder feedback, purchase orders and vendor contracts, established performance metrics, supplier relationships, and more; all with the goal of identifying opportunities for improvement and creating an effective procurement strategy for your organization.

Compliance & Governance Support

We advise clients in optimizing business outcomes through sourcing automation, analytics and global best practices.

How to transition & manage

Governance design & setup

Governance as a service

Support resources

What to source

Where to source

Who to source

Sourcing check & Benchmarks

Sourcing structure

Data & Risk Monitoring

We provide continuous risk monitoring of suppliers and their locations.

Custom research

SRM program


Supplier & location risk

Supplier & location data

Analytics & guidance

Cloud-based solution

Putting to use decades of spend management experience and proprietary benchmark data, our procurement transformation experts then compare your existing procurement operations against industry best practices, along with companies of similar profiles. The result? Our procurement transformation advisors deliver a clear report of what practices are and aren’t working within your Strategic Sourcing and Procurement department, along with recommendations for achieving better operating efficiency, enhancing human capital management, and reducing costs.

Procurement Made Easy!

Digitization of Procurement

Digitization of Procurement

From simple Catalog Buying to running RFPs, from Budget Management to Digital Inventory, from E-Auction to AMC Management, from Spend Visibility to Digital Contracting, you name it & we have it!

Transformation of Business

Transformation of Business

While you focus on servicing clients & growing your business, we offer unprecedented support by managing all your purchasing requirements & deliver considerable cost savings & enhance efficiency.

  • Spend of Procurement

    Spend Analytics

    Get a complete hold and visibility of your spend with detailed dashboards on the Spend Analytics module.

    Budget of Procurement

    Budget Management

    Track expenses against set budgets and receive alerts for budget exhaustion.

  • Catalog of Procurement


    An extensive digital catalog induces buyers to purchase high - quality products, available at the best prices on a state-of-the-art user interface.

    Contract of Procurement

    Contract Management

    Create and manage all your contracts with external stakeholders on cloud. Set SLA parameters, alerts for contract renewals, all executed digitally.

  • RFPs of Procurement

    e-RFI/ RFP

    Raise a request for non-catalog/ adhoc/ bulk purchases and short term projects, and get competitive quotes online.

    Requisitions of Procurement

    Requisition Management

    Provides built-in approval workflow based on business rules determined by the customer and real time notifications on all steps of order creation to delivery.

  • Inventory of Procurement

    Inventory Management

    Automated inventory management ensures minimum thresholds and reorder levels are available for critical products.

    Contractors of Procurement

    Contractor Marketplace

    Access licensed contractors who are pre-qualified and compliant. Review their past performance, user ratings and feedback to make the best choice.

  • e-Auction of Procurement


    Manage your reverse and forward bid events with a live bidding board and bid ranking details on a robust Auctioning platform.

    SRM of Procurement


    Start a sustainable Supplier Relationship and mitigate risks in your supply chain process.

We work with the best, so does our network of Suppliers in Asia.

Quality of ProTaiga


Over Quantity

"Let your guiding rule be not how much, but how good."

At ProTaiga, we are always on the lookout for new strategic partnerships! Our Supplier Network comprises of leading suppliers across a diversified range of products & services. There’s a lot more in it for you.

Curious to know? Contact us at SUPPORT to learn more about becoming a supplier & be a part of our Network!

Benefits to our Suppliers

A supplier portal to upload product catalogs and services.

Access to all work orders, delivery schedules, invoice management with email notifications.

Access to buyers from different industries across Pan India locations.

Regular marketing support to drive greater traffic and business volumes.

Supplier verification along with star rating, badging, and client reviews to enhance market credibility.

bins of procurement catalog


carpentery of procurement catalog


electrical of procurement catalog


appliances of procurement catalog


furniture of procurement catalog


gifting of procurement catalog


housekeeping of procurement catalog


hygiene of procurement catalog


tools of procurement catalog

M&E Tools

paints of procurement catalog


pantry of procurement catalog


plumbing of procurement catalog


plants of procurement catalog

Potted Plants

safety of procurement catalog


stationery of procurement catalog


It's your time to leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with ProTaiga

Intellegence of ProTaiga

Our cutting edge technological platform strives to create a flourishing ecosystem that takes pride in its nurturing and supportive resources to cut costs, simplify processes, make procurement more efficient. ProTaiga focuses on machine learning & Artificial Intelligence making it a platform for the future.

Develop a purchase strategy

Supplier outreach & follow-up

Creating supplier shortlist

Contract finalisation

Supplier on-boarding

Creating catalog services

Testimonial of ProTaiga

“We’re proud to be offering affordable homes in such a desirable location and we wanted to ensure that our business partner understands our market to create a sustainable procurement strategy. We recognise the experience and professionalism that ProTaiga offers and are pleased to be working with them on our projects.”

- M V Khurana, CFO of the Real Estate Group

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Our Punchout works seamlessly with most Global enterprise platforms.

Access catalogs from within your own e-procurement software

All catalogs can be centralized in one application

Promotes purchasing consolidation and better spend management

Users can conduct product searches within their own application simplifying the buying process

Integration of ProTaiga

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