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We foster mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships transforming procurement practices through digitized innovation to cut costs and simplify processes.

Taiga is the world’s largest land biome, making up 29% of the world's forest cover. It is an intricate network of ecosystems that thrive on the basis of interaction among resources, those who provide these resources, and the ones who require them.

Procurement Consulting & Advisory.

Protaiga represents a game-changing leap beyond traditional business intelligence and enterprise performance management systems. Performance data about the past provides useful insights, but managers then quickly turn to the question “what should we do going forward?” Protaiga’s powerful modeling and calculation engine helps managers evaluate expected results from different decisions before acting upon them. This combination of both backward-looking and forward-looking data is what we consider to be the “best data” for decision-making.

Volatility has today become a common norm in supply chain. Manufacturers, distributors and logistics services providers need to realign some of their planning practices specifically around this reality. Customer demand, changing markets or new-product introductions create information gaps that hinder your ability to deal with such volatile environments. These gaps are risky as Information sharing around inventory, POS, production data and distribution network needs to be seamless to keep planning relevant to supply chain execution. Bring a balance between demand, supply and revenue. Understand the impact of demand upside, supply failures. Simulate these scenarios as what -if and be prepared.

  • Catalog

    An extensive digital catalog induces buyers to purchase high - quality products, available at the best prices on a state-of-the-art user interface.

    Spend Analytics

    Get a complete hold and visibility of your indirect spend with detailed dashbaords on the Spend Analytics module.

  • Contract Management

    Create and manage all your contracts with external stakeholders on cloud. Set SLA parameters, alerts for contract renewals, all executed digitally.

    Budget Management

    Track expenses against set budgets and receive alerts for budget exhaustion. A complete access driven module.

  • e-RFI/ RFP

    Raise a request for non-catalog purchases / short term projects, as simply as writing an email, and get competitive quotes.

    Requisition Management

    Built-in approval flow based on business rules determined by the customer, real time notifications on all steps of order creation - order delivery.

  • Inventory Management

    Automated inventory management ensures that all minimum thresholds are available for critical products, with built - in feature for item issuance.

    Contractor Marketplace

    Access licensed contractors who are pre - qualified and compliant. Review their past performance, user ratings and feedback to make the best pick.

  • Auctions

    Manage your bid events with a live - bidding option with bid ranking details on a robust Auctioning platform.


    Start a sustainable Supplier Relationship management with Protaiga and mitigate risks in your supply chain process.

We work with the best, so does our network of Suppliers in Asia & Middle East.

At Protaiga, we celebrate diversity and inter-dependency of companies to foster mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships that transform procurement practices through digitized innovation. Our cutting-edge technological platform strives to create a flourishing ecosystem that takes pride in its nurturing and supportive resources to cut costs, simplify processes and make procurement more efficient.








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Protaiga focuses on machine learning & Artificial Intelligence making it a platform for the future.

You can reach out to us to find more on the Consultation we offer,
the digital Platform we provide and to be part of the Network we build.

It's your time to leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with Protaiga.

Our cutting edge technological platform strives to create a flourishing ecosystem that takes pride in its nurturing and supportive resources to cut costs, simplify processes, make procurement more efficient.

Digital procurement transformation for India's top Real estate group.

“We’re proud to be offering affordable homes in such a desirable location and we wanted to ensure that the our business partners understands our market to create sustained procurement strategy. We recognise the experience and professionalism that Protaiga Innovative Solutions offers and are pleased to be working with them on such a high profile project.”

- M V Khurana, CFO of the Real Estate Group

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Our PunchOut works seamlessly with most Global enterprise platforms.

PunchOut reduces the cost and complexity of integrating PunchOut and other eProcurement processess

Customer First! Industry experts in PunchOut catalog solutions and B2B order automation

Only PunchOut gateway that can integrate with Any commerce platform

Only PunchOut emulator in the industry to speed enablement time ! 100% PunchOut compatibility connected with +60 eprocurement platforms.

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Spend analytics, streamlined MRO purchasing, efficient delivery & mitigating risks to save money, all attained through digitization of your catalog.

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